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Teens and Video Games 


June 29, 2023 Addictions

Psychosocial Workers

Video games are part of a child's world, often from an early age. Children have access to these games on different platforms: computers and game consoles, but also tablets and cell phones. It is therefore important to supervise their use, as some video games can be harmful. These games can, however, also contribute to learning.

4 recommendations  

  1. Limit the time of use. It is recommended to limit screen time (television, video games, Internet) to a maximum of 2 hours per day for children aged 5 to 11. 
  2. It is important that video game content aligns with family values. For example, choose games that expose the child to diversity and teach respect for others. 
  3. Be aware of changes in your child's behaviour. If they become more irritable, nervous, or isolated, take the time to understand what's causing the change and help to remedy the problem. 
  4. Provide the child with a variety of games (educational, adventure, strategic, simulation) to help develop different skills and interests. 

Did you know?  

The North American video game industry has a rating code, administered by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). Game companies are not required to comply by law, but they do so voluntarily. The video game's ESRB rating is a good indication of its content.  

  • The eC (early childhood) rating indicates that the game is suitable for children 3 years and older. 
  • The E (everyone) rating indicates that the content is generally suitable for all ages. May contain some elements of animated, fictional, or mild violence, or occasional use of foul language. 
  • E10+ indicates that the content is generally appropriate for children 10 years and older. May contain a higher degree of animated, fictional, or mild violence and coarse language or some suggestive scenes. 
  • T (teen) rating for ages 13 and up. 
  • M (mature) rating for ages 17 and up. 
  • The Ao (adult only) rating for adults only.

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