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Psychosocial workers


Helping youth to make the right choices for their wellbeing is not always easy. As a Psychosocial worker, you can influence the young person’s life-trajectory by accompanying them in different ways. To do so it is essential to be aware of the services which are best adapted to their needs.

Pedagogical Tools

Web capsules, which can be viewed in different contexts, were created as a pedagogical tool to support professionals (psychocosocial workers and teachers) in awareness and prevention activities. 

In fact, the web capsules were designed to interest and make young people think about different themes. The discussions that will ensue will highlight the fact that no matter what young people are going through, Laval resources are available to help them throughout their lives.

Information Sheets

In order to act according to the best practices in addictions, information sheets on different themes have been designed to complete your toolkit.

Addiction  Harm Reduction  Different Types of Addiction  Causes of Addiction  Drinking in Moderation Alcohol and others drugs  Cannabis The bad trip Cigarettes Substance Use Disorders Video Games Sex addiction

Laval mobilized for youth

Youth networking

Youth networking

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There are many collaborative spaces for networking and collective multi-sectorial work for the benefit of youth 12 to 30 years old in Laval. A document was co-constructed in order to bring clarity to encourage actors to invest in pertinent areas and to favor collaborative work and multi-sectorial partnerships.

The document (in French)

Youth mobilization

Youth mobilization

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Putting young people at the heart of our reflections and actions has reals and lasting impact in their lives, on their peers, in the community, and on the services they receive. Find out why and how to get young people involved in this document produced by the Communauté bâtissant l'avenir avec les jeunes (CBAJ).

The document