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To get ready to start highschool


October 1, 2021 School, Employment and Volunteering Youth intervention and animation

Psychosocial Workers

High school is an adventure filled with new discoveries. It is normal for young people to experience different emotions and have many questions about this new stage.

Key Messages

"High school is an adventure that will allow you to make new and meaningful friendships. It's normal to have questions about this new stage, but know that there are many resources to support you." - Tommy, psychosocial at the Maison des Jeunes du Marigot

"The important thing about extracurricular activities is to have fun. Plus, they'll help you grow and develop all kinds of personal skills." - Joana, psychosocial worker at Young Musicians of the World

Examples of questions during the animation

This web capsule, which can be viewed in different contexts, was created as a pedagogical tool to support professionals (psychosocial workers and teachers) in their awareness and prevention activities.

In fact, the web capsule was designed to interest and make young people think about the beginning of high school. The discussions that will ensue will highlight the fact that no matter what young people are going through, there are a lot of resources in Laval that can help them throughout their lives.

Here are some examples of questions to ask after viewing the web capsule. You are free to use them or to draw inspiration from them during your presentation.

  • What do you remember about this video?
  • What surprised you the most about this video?
  • What were your perceptions of high school before you got to high school?
  • What is different about high school from what you imagined?
  • What has changed the most since you entered high school?
  • What do you enjoy most since entering high school?
  • What do you find most challenging since entering high school?
  • What would you like to experience in high school?
  • How can you achieve the goals you set for yourself?
  • What do you do when you experience difficulties?
  • Who can you turn to when you have difficulties or questions?
  • What do you understand about the work of the psychosocial worker who were in this capsule?
  • Have any of you ever been to a community organization? If so, how was it?

Download the questions in PDF format

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