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Parents committed to a successful start to the school year!


August 10, 2022 School, Employment and Volunteering


Par Emi Togo

Communication and Development Officer

Back to school is an exciting time, full of new things, especially for students starting high school: new teachers and classes, new friends, different schedules and bus routes, etc.

 For young people and their parents, these important changes can be a source of excitement, but also of stress and anxiety.

As parents, you have a major influence on your child's progress and success in school. Through your attitude and your actions, you can serve as a positive role model, calm their worries (and yours!), and help them have a great start to the school year as well as a successful year.

Get back into the swing of things

No more sleeping in like during summer break! Take advantage of the last few weeks before school starts to gradually re-establish a more structured routine. For kids and adults alike, getting back into a routine will help reduce the stress associated with the unexpected. A more structured schedule will also encourage a good night's sleep, which is essential for learning and emotional regulation. Also, aim to have family meals at regular times and take advantage of these special moments to talk with your child about his or her day.

Valuing your child's efforts rather than his or her grades will help build self-esteem, motivation, and perseverance.

This is a good way to keep an open line of communication with your child and to ask about their various projects, friends, successes, and challenges. Work together on a plan for scheduled study times and be available to help with homework and lessons, but don't do them for them. To create a pleasant and supportive study environment, have them help you to set up a welcoming and quiet space for doing homework, no matter how small it may be.

Have a positive attitude

Your attitude towards school and homework can strongly influence your child's attitude. Speak well of the teachers and the various school staff and take an interest in your child's various projects and studies. When possible, get involved in school committees and activities. This shows that you value your child's education and school experience. Encourage your child to get involved in committees or extracurricular projects that interest them, to help them develop a sense of belonging to their school.

Encouragement makes a difference

In a 2022 survey of 500 young people aged 15 to 22, conducted by the Réseau québécois pour la réussite éducative, parents were identified as the main factor in school perseverance. So don't doubt your impact on your child's motivation and commitment to school. Encourage them regularly, focus on their strengths, praise their good work every day, and continue to have high expectations of them. This shows your child that you believe in his ability to succeed. Remember to value his efforts over his grades. This will help increase his self-esteem and motivation and, consequently, his desire to persevere.

Stay informed

Despite busy schedules, it's important to stay on top of communications from your child's school. Take the time to read and respond to emails from the principal and teacher and subscribe to the school's social media channels to stay informed about various events and activities. This information will help you learn more about your child's day-to-day life, make it easier to generate discussions about what's going on at school, and support your child where needed. 

Be there for your child

Reassure your child if they are feeling apprehensive. Let them know that you trust them and will be there for them if they are having trouble. Tell them your own school memories to make them laugh or reflect! The important thing is to listen and give them a chance to express themselves. If you encounter difficulties during the year, you can work together to find solutions and adjust as you go along. Always remember that what your child needs most is to feel valued and loved.

Have a great year!

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