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October 19, 2023 Addictions

Psychosocial Workers

Doping is the use of stimulants to enhance performance. Some forms of doping are prohibited in sports, unless a prescription allows it for medical reasons.  

4 reasons why doping occurs 

  1. The astronomical increase in scholarships and salaries 
  2. Athletes in certain disciplines are receiving higher and higher salaries, which makes the prospect of a career in high performance sport increasingly attractive.   
  3. The demands of high-performance sport  
  4. They continue to increase. Records are continually being broken, raising the standards by which athletes are measured.  

Contemporary lifestyle habits  

These habits have made it commonplace to use various products and medications, particularly to diet, heal, lose weight, stay awake, or perform better 

Body appearance  

Our society places a great deal of importance on our physical appearance. Many athletes rely on products such as creatine or steroids to improve the appearance of their bodies 

Did you know? 

Doping has been practiced since ancient times during the Olympic Games. Athletes ate certain meats to improve their performances. For example, goat meat was supposed to help them jump higher. 

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